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Persian Miniature Painting by Mahmoud Farshchian

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"The summer night is like a perfection of thought."

Wallace Stevens
(1879 - 1955)


star Get ready for a voyage around the world to view the most spectacular Landscapes. From the Far East to the West, our gallery has a unique selection of some of the most beautiful Landscape and Wildlife paintings available today.

star Our collection of Portraits and figure paintings, includes a varied selection of original work covering the range of human emotions, social customs, and living conditions found throughout the world.

star The Miniature Section is a colourful feature of the gallery, and includes stylised and intricate Persian, Chinese and Japanese paintings, as well as illustrations for Shakespeare's plays.

star Our Symbolism Section includes a collection of highly detailed paintings, which are a homage to Art Nouveau and the art of ornament. The semiprecious stones, materials and media used in these paintings include: acrylics, acrylic relief paints, fresh water pearls, gold leaves, sapphire, amethyst, seashells, handmade paper, suede, feathers...

star An interesting feature of the gallery is the Creative Cards section, which provides a personalised greeting card service for all occasions.


star Writer's Corner includes works from well known and respected Iranian writers and poets. As well as enjoying the FREE extracts, visitors can purchase their books from the Online Persian Bookstore.

Poets from all over the world submit their poems for inclusion in the "World Poems" section of Writer's Corner. To date many poems have been chosen and shown for FREE.

(Persian Art, History & Culture)

star  IRANSAGA is a comprehensive and engaging section of Art Arena, which provides an insight into Persian history, art, and culture. New pages of interesting and informative facts are added on a regular basis.

Iran (Persia)
The Country and History

Overview of the country, it's people, history...

Persian Literature
Classic literature, Women poets, Writer's Corner, Bookstore...

Persian Arts and Crafts
Persian Art History, Persian miniature, Persian Carpets...

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