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August 27, 2003

ART NEWS from the Evening Advertiser
by Flicky Harrison:

Media coverage of Katy's 'Modern Classics' Solo Exhibition

Art against all odds

"Award Winning artist Katy Kianush is no stranger to living through troubled times."

She has survived a car crash, paralysed her arm, had a family illness and lost her voice. But despite all this she is about to have her latest work on show in Swindon.

Katy's exhibition, Modern Classics, is at the Wyvern Theatre from Tuesday 2nd to 27th September. Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday and on show evenings.

...Her pictures have undergone an amazing switch in styles from the realistic portraits and landscapes to a more mysterious and symbolic style of art. The first wall has pictures of women and birds intertwined.

'They are women's faces in realistic style but you see the soul of the bird through the eyes of the woman. I used collage to produce a 3d effect using precious and semi-precious stones, feathers and suede,' said the 39-year-old artist from Wootton Bassett.

The 'Mermaid' has shells and pearls and 'The Venetian' is a portrait with fresh water pearls and copper sheetings. Another wall has a more illustrative, art nouveau approach with pictures including The Siren which is graphic and paintings symbolising countries such as Ireland and Persia.

The final two walls are dedicated to Katy's ballerinas for which she is renowned......"

This Exhibition was also covered by BBC Radio (Swindon and Wiltshire) and Swindon Digital Radio.


November 3, 2001

ART NEWS from the Evening Advertiser
by Flicky Harrison:

Media coverage of Katy's 'Visions of Beauty' Solo Exhibition

"AWARD-WINNING artist Katy Kianush is pirouetting into the world of ballet with her latest exhibition.

Katy, from Wootton Bassett, has her third solo exhibition, Visions of Beauty, on show at Swindon's Wyvern Theatre until November 26.

Katy won the Royal Sovereign (Rembrandt) Award, and the DalerRowney International Award at NAPA (National Acrylic Painters Association) Open Exhibitions and is now listed in the Who's Who in Art.
Visions of Beauty is based on two themes. The ballet pictures are fast line drawings in pen and ink which capture movement, shape and form.
She has added an acrylic wash to bring out the romantic atmosphere of the ballet with touches of gold, copper and silver relief.

The second theme of this Swindon Artscape exhibition explores the mystic beauty of the relationship between man and nature. The artist uses symbolism and paints in the style of art nouveau with bold colours and sharply outlined shapes. ......"


MARCH 4, 2000

NEWS from's editor, Lauren Frayer:

"On the eve of eStart's campaign and the world's celebrations for International Women's Day, I wanted to share with our users some of the lessons I have learned from the remarkable women we are featuring this week...
...We have with us this week teachers and writers, painters and poets. They're all women who have broken the mold for Iranian women - even from the outside.
Take Katy Kianush, an Iranian artist living in England, who does more than just preserve her culture in her work... It's been 24 years since she set foot in Iran, yet the art scene there wouldn't be the same without her."


Kaleidoscope OF COLOUR

Autumn Kaleidoscope

Autumn Kaleidoscope
by Katy Kianush.
Acrylic on Paper.

IRANIAN-born Katy Kianush followed in her family's footsteps into the arts, and she is matching her parents' literary successes with awards for her painting.

Her father Mahmud has published several books of poetry. His latest in English is an anthology of Modern Persian Poetry. Her mother Pari has translated numerous books by such writers as E Nesbit, Jules Verne and George Eliot.

Katy started painting as a child, and at the age of ten, her illustrations for children's poetry books were published in Iran.

East meets West in her subject matter which includes intricate Persian, Japanese and Chinese miniatures, worked in pen and ink and watercolours, and landscapes painted in acrylics on a grander scale.

Autumn Kaleidoscope, winner of the Daler-Rowney International Award at the NAPA exhibition by public vote, was painted in Cryla on stretched heavyweight cartridge paper....

....Katy is one of the growing number of artists promoting her work on the web. See

THE ART PAPER Summer 1999 No 16

"Now Katy's Art is on the Net"

STANDARD; December 3rd 1998

"Artist goes on line with Hi-Tech Gallery"

Evening Advertiser; December 7th 1998

"Artist puts a Hi-Tech Gallery on Internet"

Star News; December 10th 1998

Independent Saturday Magazine

The Independent

3 January 1998

Art Take

'An Afternoon Stroll, New England', by Katy Kianush. An example of the new Internet gallery Art Arena which combines a gallery of new paintings alongside modern poetry, prose and card designs.

An Afternoon Stroll

"Iranian makes a mark in the art world"

Evening Advertiser; May 2nd 1997

"Katy's making out in the world of ART"

Star News; May 8th 1997


BBC Wiltshire Sound

WAV file of Radio Interview

Click to listen

WAV file of Radio Interview Interview May '97

"...I don't think I have ever seen an artist quite like this one, because she has such different styles and different subjects. I think the thing that runs through it is that she is a very precise illustrator, but apart from that there is something here for everyone..."

Julia Holbury
Head of Cultural Services, Swindon Borough Council

Literature News

Modern Persian Poetry

"... Though the work of some individual poets has been translated into English in recent years and published mainly in the USA, Kianush's volume is a much awaited book which fills a gap; it is the more comprehensive of the two anthologies which exist in English. An accomplished poet himself, Kianush's translations are well balanced and eloquent...One very refreshing aspect of this anthology is the presence of a good number of Women poets ... Kianush has successfully carried over into English some of the music and lyricism of his originals and his informative introduction traces the development of contemporary Persian poetry from its inception to the present day ..."

Parvin Loloi
Acumen Magazine, January 1997

"... All that makes it rather astonishing is that, amid the hundreds of books in English published about Iran, not one has been devoted to modern poetry. The gap has now been filled with a fascinating anthology of Persian poetry from the beginning of the 20th Century, featuring poems by 43 poets ... The books editor, like his fellow poets Esmail Khoi and Mehdi Saless ('M Omid'), comes from the north-eastern province of Khorasan, historically and culturally so important in the development of Persian Literature ... "

Anthony Hyman
South, The Global Business Magazine; December 1996

( Sadly, Anthony Hyman passed away in January 2000 )


"... The novel Smoke by Turgenev is a success in translation and shows the translator's knowledgeable attention to detail ... The fluent and clear style of translation of Pari Mansouri is highly admirable ..."

Mahmud Goudarzi
The Par Monthly Journal; 1993


Above and Beyond Love

"... I read the book Above and Beyond Love with delight and enthusiasm, and the more I read it the more I loved it ... I personally believe that if this book is translated and published in English, it will be well received and very popular ..."

Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh
Persian Book Review Quarterly; Autumn 1991


Entertainment In Exile

"... Pari Mansouri writes with great eloquence and that is the reason why her stories are so gratifying. It is certain that it is not an easy task to write with such fluency. The portrayal of the different moments of life, and the ability to communicate this with the reader in the simplest way, with the aid of uncomplicated yet precise language, is much easier said than done. In this day and age, when it is fashionable to write in an obscure and complex way it is rare to find such narration and hence, her stories become even more pleasant ...
... In every paragraph of each story, there is a delicate sadness mixed with pure emotion and feminine feelings, and this sorrow feeds on the everyday life in exile, being far from the land to which we all long to return ..."

Hooshang Mahmud
Kayhan International Newspaper; 30th April 1998


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