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Above and Beyond Love

Pari Mansouri, Iranian, writer and translator, was born in Tehran, Iran in 1936. She studied at the Tehran University and has a BA in English literature, and an MA in Social Sciences.

She was a teacher of English language for 20 years until 1975, when she asked for early retirement and a year later she moved to England with her husband and children.

She has translated and published 10 books by such writers as André Maurois, E. Nesbit, Jules Verne, George Eliot and Ivan Turgenev.

Pari Mansouri

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Several of her short stories and translations of other writers' works, have been published in Persian journals, both in Iran and abroad. She received two awards for the best translated book of the year (Madame Curie) in 1963. Her latest translation published in 2005 is "Days of our Lives", a novel by Manilo Argetta.

Among her own published works are her novel, "Above and Beyond Love", and two books of short stories called "Entertainment in Exile" and "No, I Was Not Dreaming". Her latest book due for publication is "The Hidden Wound".

The English version of her short stories, "The Glass Marbles" and "Anxieties from Across the Water" (both from the book: Entertainment in Exile) have been published in the following books:
"Crossing The Border", Editor: Jennifer Langer, published by Five Leaves Publications, and
"Another Sea, Another Shore", Editors: Shouleh Vatanabadi and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami, published by Interlink Books.

"The Glass Marbles" has also been published in 2004 by the Ministry of Education's National Book Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan; in 'A Textbook of English', for class XI pupils.



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Press Review for Entertainment In Exile

"...Pari Mansouri writes with great eloquence and that is the reason why her stories are so gratifying. It is certain that it is not an easy task to write with such fluency. The portrayal of the different moments of life, and the ability to communicate this with the reader in the simplest way, with the aid of uncomplicated yet precise language, is much easier said than done. In this day and age, when it is fashionable to write in an obscure and complex way it is rare to find such narration and hence, her stories become even more pleasant...
...In every paragraph of each story, there is a delicate sadness mixed with pure emotion and feminine feelings, and this sorrow feeds on the everyday life in exile, being far from the land to which we all long to return..."

Hooshang Mahmud
Kayhan International Newspaper; 30th April 1998

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Pari Mansouri's works to date include:

Novels and Short Stories:

  1. "Above and Beyond Love" (Novel) - Shabahang Pulications, Tehran 1990.
  2. "No, I Was Not Dreaming" (A book of short stories for young adults)
  3. "Entertainment in Exile" (A book of short stories) - Published by the Persian Poetry Society, London, 1997.


  1. "The story of Madame Curie", by Alice Thorne - Published by the "Khaneh Ketab", Tehran, 1963. ( Winner of the Best Translated Book of the Year, 1963)
  2. "Around the world in eighty days", (Novel), by Jules Verne - Published by "Neal Publications", Tehran 1966.
  3. "The Sultan and the Gazelle", short story from Tanzania and Zululand, for young adults - Published by "Neal Publications", Tehran 1968.
  4. "Silas Marner", George Eliot (Novel) - Published by "Neal Publications", Tehran 1970.
  5. "Fattypuffs and Thinifers" (Kheek-Khani-Ha va Laqar-Baygi-Ha),a novel by André Maurois - Published by "Neal Publications", Tehran 1973.
  6. "The Railway Children", (Novel) by Edith Nesbit - Published by "Kanoon-e Parvaresh-e Fekri", Tehran, 1976.
  7. "Smoke", (Novel) by Ivan Turgenov - Published by "Nima Publications", Meshed, 1991.
  8. "Spring Showers", (Book of short stories by authors from around the world) - Published by "Abangah Publications", 2002.
  9. "One Day of Life", (Novel) by Manilo Argetta - Published by "Morvarid Publicashions", 2005.

Translations ready for Publication:

  1. A book of short stories for Adults from writers of the world.
  2. A book of short stories for young adults from writers of the world.
  3. "In The West Forest" (Short stories for young adults) by Eleaner Farjeon.
  4. "Debbie, come home", A novel by Alan Paton.

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