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Zhila Mosa'ed


Zhila Mosa'ed, was born in Tehran (1948). She lives in Sweden.

Poetical Works :

  • The Brisk Gazelles of Memories [Ghazalan-e Chalak-e Khatereh, 1985];
  • Reclining in the Palanquin of Sorrow [Yaleh bar Kajaveh-ye Anduh, Sweden, 1989];
  • Those Who Hide the Fire [Penhan-konandegan-e Atash, Germany, 1991];
  • The Moon and That Eternal Bull [Mah va An Gav-e Azali, Sweden, 1993].
  • Her other works include a novel.

One of Zhila Mosa'ed's poems from the book Modern Persian Poetry by Mahmud Kianush:




Unfamiliar with the blue of the sky,

Unfamiliar with the shining green

of the earth,

Unfamiliar with the history

of man's covering his body,

I am standing

Inside a circle of ice,

Surrounded by sorrow and anxiety;

And naked, ancient and alone,

I carry on my shoulders

the thousand-year-old burden

of shame,

of coveredness,

of modesty.

O mothers of sleep

Whose bones

Are the ancient hiding place

of the dead instincts,

Look how my bare, ancient roots,

Slowly but with resolution,

Penetrate the ice.


"Modern Persian Poetry"
(An anthology in English)

Modern Persian poetry
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