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Meymanat Mirsadeghi


Meymanat Mirsadeghi, also known by her pen name, "Azadeh" was born in Estahbanat, Fars Province (1937).

Poetical Works :

  • TheWakefulness of the Streams [Bidari-ye Juybaran, 1968];
  • With Waters and Mirrors [Ba Abha va Ayeneha, 1977];
  • Sunny Souls [Janha-ye Aftabi, 1992].
  • Other works include Terminology of Poetical Art [Vazheh-nameh-ye Honar-e Shaeri, 1994].

One of Meymanat Mirsadeghi's poems from the book Modern Persian Poetry by Mahmud Kianush:




I went to the window and said:

"Oh! What glorious sunshine!

What a bright day!

What rich blossoming happiness

Is present in everything!"


I said to myself:

"I will grow with plants,

I will sing with birds,

I will flow with waters."

I said to myself:

"I will drink the day,

- This gold-rimmed goblet

brimful with sunshine -

In one draught!"


I stayed by the window,

I stayed,

And then my small room

began to fill with melancholy,

- Heavy black smoke -

And my desire to grow,

to sing,

to flow

Was the picture of a bright window

In this closed space,

Inside these four walls.


The leaden sky of the dusk

With its melancholy, mourning rain

Was softly crying.


"Modern Persian Poetry"
(An anthology in English)

Modern Persian poetry
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